Photo Courtesy: Varuna

Campers at the popular Grimes Creek area of Boise County seem to be forgetting the first and most important rule of camping and it’s destroying our camp sites.

“Clean up after yourself!” is a phrase that we’re all very familiar with. It’s one that our parents have uttered to us on numerous occasions. Or perhaps you saw this sign hanging in your elementary or middle school classroom “You mother doesn’t work here, so you need to clean up after yourself.” And, if you’ve grown up in Idaho then you are more than likely very educated on camping etiquette and the steps we are all expected to take in order to keep our forests beautiful.

However, it seems SOME campers have forgotten the golden rule of our forests and parks; If You Pack It in…Pack It Out.

Laziness, carelessness and a complete lack of respect for Idaho and our environment.

Thankfully, residents of Boise County and fellow campers are cleaning up after the sloppy campers. If you happen to witness this behavior, call out the sloppy campers. If you’re camping with friends or relatives and you notice them leaving trash behind, say something!

Source: KTVB