Doritos is offering up an exciting new flavor that’s perfect for the apocalypse and we’re sure you’re going to love them but they’re pretty hard to find.

We’re not saying we’re professionals by any stretch of the imagination. However, we’d like to think that we know our way around the chop aisle at the grocery store. It’s safe to say we would all agree for the most part when we say “Doritos never disappoint”. But this time, we’re certain even the fine folks at Frito-Lay have outdone themselves.

We would like to introduce you to, Hot Wings and Bleu Cheese Doritos!

Before you make an unnecessary run to the store to get your hands on these, you should know that for the moment they are only available in Canada. But that doesn’t mean they won’t make their way to the States soon. If that happens, we’ll be sure to let you know. These sure would be a nice addition to the diet during these stay at home orders, right?

On a side note, apparently Doritos aren’t a thing in Ireland.

Photo Courtesy: StudioLightAndShade via