A new survey shows that the British people do not know how to properly approach camping and we kinda feel bad for them.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the British people. After all, some of our favorite rock bands have come from Europe.

But a new survey out of England shows that while these people may know how to make a cool rock band, they absolutely suck at camping. Here are findings from survey commissioned by EE.

Of the 2000 people surveyed:

  • 37% reported that their children find camping traditions like putting up the tent or sitting in front of the fire as ‘boring’. Instead, they huddle around their screens to watch movies.
  • 83% of people take their gadgets with them while camping (ok, we do this too) and 41% not feeling comfortable without it.
  • 50% of the people surveyed said their phone is their lifeline for escaping their tent during wet British weather.
  • 10% of adults and only 40% of children reported to having cooked marshmallows over the fire.

While trying to reserve as much judgment as possible, this just sounds like horrible camping. Isn’t the point of camping to get off the grid, poop in the woods and get back to nature? Sure, you want your phone there to take photos and use it as a lifeline if something terrible happens. But what happened to just sitting around the campfire?

All this talk about camping has reminded us of this classic camping movie!

Source: SWNSDigital
Photo Courtesy: varuna