A Coronavirus antibody test could be available as soon as next week according to Dr. Anthony Fauci. So what does that mean?

So why is a coronavirus antibody test so important and what does it mean for you? Having antibodies in your body means that you have had an illness and your immune system has acted to create a weapon to fight the illness. Testing for coronavirus antibodies is a critical step in getting us out of our homes, back to work and back to life as we know it. A rapid test for the coronavirus antibodies could be available as soon as next week.

As important as this test is, it doesn’t mean that we can go back to acting as we did before the illness took hold in the United States. We live in a different world now. There have been discussions about doing away with hand-shakes. We could be looking at a situation that involves wearing face masks in public for a while. Nobody knows for sure what a post-coronavirus world will look like just yet. But this test could put us on a fast path to getting there.

Until then, continue to practice social distancing and remember to do the 5!

Photo Courtesy: Rost9