Things are very weird right now. A lot of people are struggling so 99.1 I Rock is going to help out with the $500 I Rock Stimulus Package.

99.1 I Rock knows that a lot of people could use a little help right now. In an effort to help our LOCAL listening audience, we’re giving away $500 every weekday. Winning is going to be easy. No games, no hoops to jump through and best of all, ever single penny we give away will go to LOCAL winners.

Here’s How To Win:
Listen to 99.1 I Rock weekdays at 7:20, 8:20, 9:20, 12:20, 2:20 and 5:20 for winning words. Text the word you hear to 6-8-7-1-9. Once you do that, you’re in to win the $500! The more words you hear and text in, the more chances you have of winning. So listen for as many of those words as you can!

Remember, Idaho is a hands free state so please don’t text and drive. Each winning word is valid for 30 minutes after it is announced. So take your time to find a place to safely pull over and text in. Standard message and data rates apply.

Official contest rules HERE