Fast food wars are no joke. No quarter is given nor asked. And when it comes to social media, Wendy’s non-stop salvo of sharp wit is yet to be matched by anyone, least of all McDonalds.

First, we need to make sure we are clear where we stand on the issue of McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s. Both of them are great American fast food institutions who have filled our bellies with tasty goodness for decades. They both also employ a lot of Americans and that is of utmost importance. Noble causes and good food aside, we need to talk about how brutal Wendy’s is toward McDonald’s on Twitter. They have a long history of back and forth on the social media platform but things seem to be escalating.

McDonald’s recently announced their new foray into the chicken realm with their new Spicy Chicken McNuggets. Wendy’s has had spicy chicken nuggets for years so it’s understandable that they would take this opportunity to poke fun at McDonald’s.

That part about the “McPrice Tag” though. WOW!

In the interest of fairness and ensuring that we are delivering you a well researched product, we will be trying McDonald’s Spicy Chicken McNuggets when they’re released and will let you know how we feel about them. Until then, perhaps McDonald’s should look into hiring someone with a brutal sense of humor to manage their Twitter account because in THAT arena – they’re no match for Wendy’s.

Photo Courtesy: siraphol
Source: Delish