Tool’s Danny Carey is arguably one of the best percussionists alive today. Watch him play Tool’s song “Pneuma” live in concert and try to keep up!

If you were to ask any fan of rock music who they think the best drummer in the game is and you’ll likely get names like Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters, Lars of Metallica or Chad Smith from RHCP. But it’s safe to say that any discussion on the best rock drummers of this generation absolutely must include Danny Carey. The dude is simply out of his mind…just like Tool’s time signatures.

Watch this performance of Pneuma. It’s simply incredible.

For a lot of people, Tool is like coffee…an acquired taste. But like them or not, you simply must respect their prowess as musicians. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that once the world get’s back to some semblance of normalcy that Tool will pick up their tour where it left off…at the Ford Idaho Center.

Photo Courtesy: RCA Records