It’s been three years since Chester Bennington passed away and in the past few weeks, we’ve seen that he remains relevant and loved.

Three years ago today (July 20th, 2017), the world was shocked when news of Chester Bennington’s suicide was announced. In the days and weeks that followed, we not only learned of his personal struggles with addiction and depression, but also the lasting and meaningful impact he had on the lives of not only his friends and loved ones, but also his legion of fans.

As the tributes poured in from every corner of the music world, we shared in the memories of incredible chance encounters, intense and moving live performances and that infectious smile that was hiding so much torment.

Today we celebrate the life and memory of Chester Bennington. We are thankful for all of the amazing music he and Linkin Park gave us.

Thanks for letting us come along for the ride, Chester.

Photo Courtesy: benhoudijk