Forget the NSA, you have to stand in awe of how much Facebook is nosing in your business but this tool will tell you how and where.

The very notion of privacy on the internet is laughable at best. The only way to truly remain anonymous online today is to abstain from the internet all together. However, staying off of the internet in 2020 is nearly impossible with more and more businesses existing primarily online. The question then becomes; “how do I maintain any semblance of privacy online?” Unfortunately, nobody has a sure fire answer for that question but there are some tools at your disposal that can help. Namely, Blacklight.

The people at designed a web tool that will help you identify when and where Facebook’s intrusive Pixel software is tracking you and sending information about your browsing habits back to Facebook to make their advertising efforts more effective. The tool is called Blacklight. The way it works is simple. Before you visit a website, you enter that website’s URL into Blacklight and 30 seconds later, you get your results. This tool will tell you every tracking mechanism that is in place on that specific website, including Facebook’s privacy invasion tactics.

It’s time consuming, a bit cumbersome and may scare you away from some or all of your favorite websites. But then it just comes down to what you value more. Your privacy or being able to function in a modern society.

Any chance we can go back to flip phones and typewriters? #Grumpyoldman

Source: Mashable
Photo Courtesy: maxkabakov