A brilliant butcher in upstate New York is keeping his customers happy and full with the installation of an on demand, fresh meat delivery system.

Imagine for a moment…it’s 3am, you’re awoken to a craving for a fresh grilled rib-eye, baked potato, green beans and a beer. Well, you’re on your own with the veggies and beer but one brilliant butcher in upstate New York has made it possible for you to get that rib-eye whenever you want, even 3am!

“The response has been unbelievable,”

Kevin McCann, owner of McCann’s Local Meats in Rochester New York has installed a meat vending machine for his customers. Now, they can get their steaks, rib eyes and chops with minimal person to person contact.

If you’re wondering whether or not his customers have adopted the new meat vending machine, he’s re-filling it 4 to 5 times per day.

It seems meat-on-demand is a hit!

Source: Fox news

Photo Courtesy: ArturVerkhovetskiy