Christmas music is normally not something we are subjected to until at least October. However one radio station has jumped the gun and sent the world into chaos.

The music that accompanies that holiday in December is a lot like cigarettes or coffee. You either love it or you hate it. There really is no middle ground on a subject as divisive as Christmas music. There have been studies showing that long term listening can lead to depression. So why then do we continue to bludgeon our ear drums with this music year after year? It’s simple, nostalgia.

The annual launch of Christmas music on radio stations the world over has become somewhat of a holiday in and of itself. It usually happens right after Halloween or a couple weeks after. However one radio station in the UK has jumped the gun and started in with the bells and jingles and snowmen and sleighs already.

You’re welcome for the ear worm!

The radio station in question is Magic in the UK and luckily for their listeners, will only be available online. But they will be playing Christmas music for the next four months. Their group content director, Tony Moorey offered up his justification for the move stating;

With listeners seeking cheer and fun during these challenging times and a strong understanding of how music and Christmas are interlinked, we knew that the next expansion of the Magic brand had to be around the joy of Christmas.

Wrong! You see Tony that’s where you’re wrong. Bad things happen when people are exposed to prolonged Christmas music and we believe you are setting your listeners along a collision course with disaster. Pray for the people of the UK. If you’re into this and want to get in on the listening, you can do so HERE.

Photo Courtesy: gstockstudio