Live, in-person concerts might be shut down for the time being but that isn’t stopping Slipknot from giving their fans the live experience.

If you’re feeling withdrawal symptoms from the lack of live music, head on over to the Knotfest Website. Once there you will find a veritable treasure trove of live, Slipknot action. What’s more, this offering will be a weekly installment.

This endeavor began a couple weeks ago when Slipknot decided to give their fans the live experience even if they couldn’t actually go to a concert. They launched the project with Lamb of God from the 2019 Resurrection Fest and followed that up with a face melting set by Megadeth from Resurrection Fest 2018.

Yesterday, we reported that health experts are telling us that Concerts may not return until Fall of 2021. That really sucks, so we’re going to have to make due with what we can. Check the Knotfest Website weekly for new live streams.

Story Source: Consequenceofsound

Photo Courtesy: Gregory Lee via