Record Store day, the annual celebration for independent music stores was put on hold because of Covid-19 but it’s coming back for 3 days!

Yet another casualty of the Coronavirus has been Record Store Day. The annual celebration of Independent Music Stores when we all swarm our favorite shops in the hopes of scoring some new, old, or new-to-you vinyl. It’s a chance to converse with fellow music lovers about your favorite albums and artists. It’s a day of discovery and a day when all music lovers unite to celebrate their love of music.

We were unsure of what would happen to Record Store Day, until today.

According to Spin, the day this year will actually be THREE days spread out over 3 months. Those dates are Saturday August 29th, Saturday September 26th and Saturday October 24th.

Governor Little’s 4 Phase plan to re-open the state of Idaho does allow for businesses like record stores to open their doors on those dates if we continue to see a decline in Covid cases after the first 3 phases of his plan.

Chad Dryden, Marketing Director for the Record Exchange in Boise expressed optimism with the adjustment to Record Store Day.

“The Record Exchange will definitely be participating in Record Store Day’s RSD Drops events later this year, and we will bring in the exclusives just like we do each year for Record Store Day. While it’s too early to tell if that means loading the weekend with live music and special events, we plan on making it a big celebration and finding ways to make it fun and interactive for our customers.”

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Photo Courtesy: Wirestock