Metallica is making it clear that they stand behind their fans and are willing to do anything to make sure everyone gets through this current crisis as best as they can.

In a post on their Instagram page, Metallica made an announcement that they are making a sizable donation to a very worth-while cause. As you know, the unemployment rate in the US is skyrocketing at the moment. The hardest hit is the service industry. With every bar and restaurant laying off or furloughing staff, it’s left a lot of people wondering how they’re going to make ends meet.

So here’s how Metallica plans to help.

“We would like to acknowledge those whose livelihoods have been affected by the necessary stay-at-home measures, particularly those in the restaurant and bar industry who make our business possible. Your hardships are felt throughout the community, and we want to let you know that the Blackened family stands beside you.

The outpouring of support from loyal patrons and fellow spirits brands is nothing short of inspiring. Therefore, in addition to the all Withing My Hands Foundation’s pledge of over 350.00 dollars to four charities supporting those hit hard by COVID-19, Blackened is donating 100% of its profits from all online sales through May 1 to the United States Bartender’s Guild Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. We look forward to joining you in your establishments when this is cover.

We’re confident that together, in community, we will persevere. Stay Home. Stay Home.”

In addition to the above, Metallica has also pledged $50,000 Bartender Emergency Assistance Program to assist bartenders, barbacks, and bar servers in need of financial assistance on behalf of their own brand of whiskey, aptly named “Blackened”.

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Photo Courtesy: s_buckley