Some of heavy metal’s finest vocalists lent their talents to take down history’s greatest and rarely finished party song, 99 Bottles of Beer.

It starts innocently enough. One person will hum or whistle that all too familiar melody and before you know it, a room full of drunken degenerates are all serenading one another with “99 Bottles of Beer”. But the novelty quickly wears off, the voices slowly drop out and soon the song is over. More times than not, you make it to about 87 bottles of beer on the wall and everyone quits. To finish “99 Bottles of Beer” requires a certain level of commitment and endurance that few among us possess. It also takes a little better than 23 minutes. How do we know? Check this out…

Since we’re well aware you’re not going to listen to all 23 minutes of that, we’ll just hit ya with the highlights. Among the 99 contributors were in no particular order:

Mark “Barney” Greenway – Napalm Death
Steve “Zetro” Souza – Exodus
Stu Block – Iced Earth
Matt Heafy – Trivium
Chuck Billy – Testament
Joshua Riley – Unmerciful
Andrew Ortega – Oracle
Danko Jones
Mark Osegueda – Death Angel
Johnny Kelly – Type O Negative
Burton C Bell – Fear Factory
Gary Holt – Slayer / Exodus
Bill Kelliher – Mastodon
Matt Byrne – Hatebreed
Derrick Green – Sepultura
Andrew Huskey – Cast the Stone
Kirk Windstein – Crowbar / Down
Philip H Anselmo – Pantera
…among a slew of equally talented individuals.

As ridiculous as the whole thing is, they did it for a good cause. To raise money for Old Dog Haven, an organization that provides a loving safe home for abandoned senior dogs in western Washington.

Source: Loudwire