The mere mention of Snowmageddon sets people on edge. But the Treasure Valley could be in for another brutal winter.

Remember that time kids were out of school for over a month because Snowmageddon more or less put the entire Treasure Valley on hold? Well, it looks like that could be happening again. As if 2020 wasn’t outrageous enough, it seems our luck will carry on this winter and into 2021. That is of course if you believe folklore and the Farmer’s Almanac.

Get ready for Snowmageddon 2020/2021. YAAAAAY!

Relax, that’s from 2017.

Some of the tell tale signs that we’re in for another brutal winter with record snowfall according to Bruce Wong, executive Director of the Ada County Highway District, are already happening. Leaves are turning much earlier than normal and wasp nests are being built higher than normal.

If you’ll recall, in the Winter of 2016/2017 the Treasure Valley was pummeled with almost three and a half feet of snow and temperatures that would have polar bears looking for a warm shelter. This is all great news for the powder hounds and could result in a great float season in 2021. But damn, our backs are already aching at the thought of shoveling all that snow.

Source: KIVI
Photo Courtesy: Syda_Productions