Downtown Boise restaurant Fork is offering a $100 Fork gift card for information regarding a brazen theft in the middle of the day.

In times like these, we’d like to think that all of humanity would join together in a single cause, a shared goal and a mutual respect for one another. After all, we’re all fighting the same fight and suffering the same dire circumstances of something we cannot control. So when something as brazen and abhorrent as theft of another’s property happens; it tends to sting just a bit more than normal. Take a look at this video of a man entering the employee entrance for Boise restaurant Fork.

The thief used a controlled access door that is used by restaurant employees sometime between 4pm and 9pm. He then stole restaurant items as well as employee backpacks and other personal items. If you have any information about who this person is, Fork is offering a $100 gift card as a reward.

Source: KTVB.COM